Mylo Hebron is back with a new single “#Unlock”

Of love and heartbreak

Mylo Hebron has been carving out a space of his own with solo offerings like “R.I.C.O.” ,“King Kong” and most recently On My Way, which  got featured on Spotify’s R&B daily playlist.  His latest single “#UNLOCK”  feels like a journal entry about heart break and un-reciprocated love .

It takes just the opening chord of this song to get people nodding their heads and tapping their feet. “#Unlock” finds Mylo’s smooth voice catching in all the right places as he calmly delivers his words against it’s steady beat.  The producer Timbun delivers a buoyant mix of dance hall against soft edged Afrobeat,  neither stuffy nor distracting, with just the right rhythm guitar techniques one would expect from an artist, perhaps experimenting on diverse sounds.

“Oh you, you know we know you, it’s true, the girl is now loose, ….she used to be a good girl.” Mylo sings on the chorus, affirming that the aforementioned love, who was perhaps once docile is now wayward. He goes further to condemn her misleading activities on social media ,“then you type in the bible passage, what message are you tryna pass boo”   pointing out the self contradiction in preaching the word, while carrying on with the bad girl facade. Despite all the flaws Mylo details about his ex -lover, it still seems our crooner is yet to get over this bad girl and perhaps still wants to be in her life. Or does he?.

Listen to #Unlock below


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