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Olu leaves soulful love message on her new song,”Baby”

We don’t often get songs like Olu’s “Baby” in Africa, or anywhere in the world for that matter; A love song so layered and abstract, the interpretation is entirely open-ended. But that’s what we get when musicians get a bit too extra on the art part of being artists, trying to create something otherworldly.

In being, I am constantly drawn to the illusionary mystery in personal human freedom. This has been a major anchor as a artist, especially while watching and experiencing my growth into reality. BABY is an intimate expression between “I” and “YOU” as third parties in the experience of the art, life. The unending question “where are you going?” is a love message that needs no answer and is it, in itself really a question. Baby does freedom haunt you? – connects to the superficial physical intention human nature requires to be grounded, it’s the irony of self inploration. Baby are you trying to stay sane? – points to the mind of the sapiens in relation to the conflict arising from morality definitions and sanity balancing as a constant effort for mere survival. Baby how hard have you tried? – intensity is key and it shows in the spirits’ translation to physicality. Baby where are you going? – and in the end, we dance around the same circle singing the same songs of remembrance and forgetfulness for all is already know as it is also unknown. BABY is a hug. . . : Dear reality, it was a pleasure working on this, from the first day it buzzed in, to my crappy rendition for @harmony.james and the studio time with @jay.o.blakez @_djxtremeofficial and @marcel_ui. Grateful! Enjoy the experience. Link in bio.

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Baby” begins with a percussion-heavy baseline that builds into a single guitar strum heard at intervals throughout the song. Olu seems to be reaching out to someone out of her reach and perhaps too occupied to hear her. Worried about the person and overwrought by the lack of response as she asks “Where are you going?” 

The mysterious feel tends towards a godlike reference for “Baby”; She wants to know where Baby is going, if Baby is coming back and if Baby’s stay on earth is pleasant. The lyrics and apprehensiveness heard at the start could be a reflection of the heaviness in her heart for fear of losing Baby, but the end of the song communicates a sense of calm. Perhaps she breaks free from this person or they return to her. Either way, the gist is she is content.

Maybe the godlike person she feels she’s losing is herself, and she finds her identity on the almost river-like flow on the last few seconds of the song. We may never find out, but we can enjoy the song below.

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