Mr Eazi brings “2 People” to the streets with Small Doctor and Nakamura

Accra to Lagos goes even further into Lagos

While Mr Eazi is still touring the world with his Accra to Lagos Mixtape, he continues to be strategically playing and winning in his game to conquer the world with his Bantu influenced Afro music. He was still at one of the Creamfields 2017, the world leading dance music festival last week to perform alongside grammy nominated Nigerian artist, Kah-lo for her single, “Money” which he and Davido equally feature on. Being the Business man that Mr Eazi is, while steadily gaining international recognition (mostly) in the Uk, he remains strategic, collaborating with Nakamura and Small Doctor to deliver a remix of his song “2 People”. By implication, Mr Eazi leverages on the audience of both artists, especially, Small Doctor’s indigenous fans. Albeit, it’s a win-win situation for all of three of them.

GuiltyBeatz’ production on “2 People” is retained on this remix that takes us back to the atmosphere of Accra to Lagos transcendental release. The song was first released on his radio show, Detty Radio on BBC 1xtra, yesterday. On “2 People” remix, each of them are in their element. Small Doctor kicks off in his Afropop tinged with Fuji, Nakamura brings his signature yoruba rap flow, the two ride under Mr Eazi’s guidance and connection.

Take a moment to have a listen below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mreazi

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