Watch Mr Eazi’s Music Video for “Pour Me Water”

featuring Comedian Eddie Kadi

If you had thought the Dance video for Mr Eazi’s “Pour Me Water” would be the only video backing this song up, you’re wrong. Instead of allowing the record to fallow with a ‘vibes video’, a tag he had surreptitiously subtitled some of the videos off his Accra To Lagos mixtape with, Mr Eazi’s latest single, “Pour Me Water” gets a full video treatment.

“Pour Me Water” doesn’t fall far from the kind of songs produced solely for mass consumption, so it’s not surprising that it resonates for many. Most people who have endured heartbreak understand how disorienting it feels on both physical and spiritual level.  Playing like a sequel to his “Leg Over” chart topper. Mr Eazi conveys only necessary details, leaving enough room for listeners to fill the blanks on their own. Sonically, “Pour Me Water” is auspicious and also laid-back, thanks to the dulcet  Afro-beat tunes produced by E- Kelly.

The visual seemingly aims for closure, and there’s a sense that the Prophet with a tank full of water [played by Eddie Kadi] the girls dancing in the room and the girl acting like a mannequin are all phases to healing.

Watch “Pour Me Water” below

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