Listen to “Hard Stacatto” off Chino Amobi’s ‘Minor Matter’ Album

Classical music meets ambient electronica

Most people lump ambient music in the same category with white noise (i.e for sleeping and studying), but Chino Amobi is changing that. The Nigerian-American producer and co-founder of NON-Records, a collective of African artists in diaspora, just released a new project titled Minor Matter. Minor Matter is a collection of electronic sounds torn apart and recreated, for textures of melodrama and classical music.

On “Hard Stacatto”, he collaborates with Brooklyn teen prodigy Embaci to create electronic orchestra music. It starts off remarkably ambient with Embaci’s vocals layered softly over gentle bird sounds before the introduction of violins that build up slowly to a peak almost reminiscent of an Opera performance. Embaci’s vocals are quite subtle, even when she breathes ‘Can you see’ onto the fast-paced instrumentals, but Chino cleverly keeps his instrumentals from burying the vocal effect.

Minor Matters also features a voiceover from Evan Ifekoya — another Nigerian artist — on “Locus Of Control”.

Listen to Chino Amobi‘s Minor Matters below

Featured Image Credit: Soundcloud

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