Meet Efe Oreka, your new favourite Instagram Cover Artist

A new internet star is born

Words by Ehimenem Agweh

Twitter might be the haunt of the strong, but the truly talented are bound to be spotted and lifted from the mists of obscurity. Enter Girl Wonder, Efe Oraka who burst into the Twittersphere with her much loved Jon Bellion mashup, getting a nod from Jon Bellion himself and a shout out from Trace Nigeria respectively.

Efe is not only a singer, she is also guitarist who accompanies her singing with her instrument. Her accomplishments as a singer have led her to many stages and collaborations with many starting artists like herself. Her Mariah Carey-like style covers and earth child appearance has won her an unwavering fan base who are not likely to be leaving her anytime soon.

With most of her covers earning her popularity over time, here is the Top 10 over 10 of Efe Oraka’s covers.

Mavin mashup

Bridge House anthem

Tonight/If/Legover/Pepper Dem mashup

Elastic Heart cover

I was Here cover

Comfort Food

Wherever (Cover) by Lagabaja

I feel it coming cover

Jon Bellion mashup

Halleluyah cover

If you’d like to hear more of Efe beyond these short clips, you should listen to her debut and only single “Gbe Mi”, via her SoundCloud.

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