Lynxxx is back to his pre-‘born again’ ways on “Ghana Girls”


It is a really good thing that Nigerians have famously short memories, (this only applies if you are a man). Otherwise half of our biggest celebrities wouldn’t even have careers. This famously short memory and the swiftness with which we forgive once you give us a new hit single is what gingers our artists to ‘reinvent’ themselves in different ways and try out outlandish and sometimes outright bigoted gimmicks to get our attention, trend and sell a few singles.

Who can forget all the fake feuds of 2016, the Davido x Hush Puppy beef and Five Star signee SkiiBii faking his own death just so he would trend.who could forget Jollof rapper Lynxxx, announcing he was born again and trying to create a new career for himself as a motivational speaker on Instagram and trying to slut shame women’s choices as a way to get himself some publicity. Yup, you read right. Lynxxx spent most of 2016, trying to convince us he was done with the video vixen, music video life and he had rededicated himself to the service of God. But of course, are you really born again, if you don’t attack the autonomy of women you have never met. It worked for a while, but in late 2016, Lynxxx backtracked and assured us he was in fact not going to leave the often misogynistic jollof music that made him famous in the first place and become a gospel rapper.

He just made good on that promise with his new single and video ‘Ghana Girls’, in which he lauds Ghanaian women for wanting to sleep with Nigerian men, name dropping all the usual Ghanaian celebrities, run-of-the-mill Jollof music. The new single is the first from Lynxxx’s new EP “Summer Time Vibes”, and will be released in September.

Watch “Ghana Girls” here.