LSMK features Michstraaw for “THICCCK”, a sexy feel-good song

Describing their sexual intentions

You don’t need anyone reminding you that sex sells with the constant twerking of asses in music videos. There’s probably an art to being subtle, but LSMK’s new single, “THICCCK”, makes a point of finding beauty in the crude and nasty with his sensually provocative lyrics guaranteed to capture the attention of even the most passive listeners.

Over a catchy piano led hip-hop beat that seems to mimic the rhythm you might make in bed as it switches from bouncy horn fueled samples to a pulse quickening slow-jam, LSMK describes in some detail all his sexual intentions. Michstraaw’s baritone vocals on the hook helps add that extra bit of sex appeal, saying “When it Rains, it Pours/ I’m Bout To Rain So it Pours”. Though “THICCCK” isn’t trying to be a romantic mood setting ballad, the bounce and rhythm are deserving of a spot on your sex-playlist.

You can stream “THICCCK” featuring Michstraaw below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/lsmk
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