We love a good ballad and Nana Atta’s ‘Bang’hlebhile’ is just right

For a chill morning.

At Native Mag we love to shake things up every now and then, break the monotony that can come from constantly covering male dominated afrobeats/afrotrap/afrotrap genres and branch into something new or something classic. South African music has been hitting that spot for us, providing that other perspective that we often miss in our testosterone driven industry. Nana Atta is one of those women.

Nana Atta, currently signed to Universal Music South Africa released a debut EP in 2016 that featured the hit “Don’t Lie” with a feature from artist WTF. She is making a play for 2017 with “Bang’hlebhile” accompanied only by synthesized organs and an occasional guitar riff ad libbed by concert chimes. But Atta’s voice is the song’s main focus, and she rides the melody with ease and skill, transcending language barriers. Considering her EP was primarily sung in English, this might be Nana Atta’s way of appealing to her South African fan base.  Eitherway we’re not complaining.

Listen to “Bang’hlebile” here.


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