Listen To “Taboo” Off Tena Tenpo’s ‘ For The Ladies On The Runway’ The EP

A new project from the man with the dirty designer

Tena Tenpo’s debut EP For The Ladies On The Runway was released via his SoundCloud earlier this month.For The Ladies On The Runway is a parent project to his prior released single “Dirty Designer”. On the EP he uses samples and Afro-Carribean beats to talk relationships, sex and insecurities.

“Taboo”, one of the main highlights of his new project samples Sade Adu’s “Sweetest Taboo”. It opens with Tena Tenpo begging for forgiveness if he has done any wrong. He is seemingly in love with an unnamed girl, but he is also unwilling to open up to her due to pressure from his friends to be a ‘hard guy’.

Listen to “Taboo” and other songs on Tena Tenpo’s For The Ladies On The Runway below.

Feature Image Credit: Tenatenpo/Instagram

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