Listen to “Skin”, Minz debut single for 2018

You'd think you were listening to an Afropop version of Mario's "Let Me Love You" classic

Since releasing his colourful music video for “Odoyewu” in February, Minz has taken a break from putting out music. But just before we draw the curtains on 2018, the singer just released “Skin”, his first single in 2018. And though the song’s romantic lyrics and dance-club intentions aren’t anything we haven’t heard from him before, he seems to have grown a calmer attitude since we last heard him.

The mid-tempo bounce of the atmospheric synth base beat he produces for “Skin” soaks up his sultry vocals as he performs his laid-back set. Singing a love interest’s praise while reprimanding her for “Let(ting) A man Do (Her) Phoney”, “Skin” finds Minz both charming and cutting.

You can stream Minz’s “Skin” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/minznse
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