Listen to “Pull Up” by Steven Caise

A love song, disguised as a party anthem

Steven Caise just released a new single, “Pull Up”, a love song, disguised as a party anthem. Though most Afropop songs tend to be that way, designed to serve dancefloor audiences at clubs, Steven Caise offers more context for his deviating lyrics, singing “Every time I Smoke Igbo, Smoke Clario, I Swear To God, My Brain Dey Blow Up oh”. But beyond that, the ‘Freestyle’ tag might offer the best explanation.

Dayo Blaq provides the backing vocals and the lightweight production for “Pull Up”, setting the mood of the song to mimic the buzz from being intoxicated. Through the layers of Afropop drum riffs, synth harmonies, percussion, flute samples, Steven Caise sing-raps a sultry set with patois and reggae inspired vocals, trying to charm a love interest while showing off.

You can stream “Pull Up” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/stevencaise
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