Listen to Paula B’s “So Far”

For when existence gets too painful

Existential crisis will have you spiraling into doubt and maybe popping a few ‘happy pills’ to make the pain go away. Paula B has been there too and her single,“So Far” will provide the perfect soundtrack for the next you feel lost.

Paula B, like a lot of millenials is still figuring out her place in the grand scheme of life and  trying to deal with pain and feeling alone in a filled room. “So Far” is about trying to find happiness and fulfillment. Over sparse bass drums, guitar licks and synth loops, she reflects on how she tries to deal with her pain; meds and beautiful scenery.

It’s clear in the chorus that she hasn’t found the happiness she’s pursuing with the lines “I’ll be okay, I will be fine, I’ll be alright” but she remains hopeful about finding contentment. Listen to “So Far” here;

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