Listen to Na-Ku’s remix to Trill Xoe’s “Love Like This”

It's not everyday you hear the ambient pop side of Afropop

Afropop has taken many shapes and forms over the years, from R&B, to dancehall and EDM, but it’s not everyday you hear the ambient pop side of the club-driven genre. But that’s what you get on Trille Xoe’s “Love Like This”, fusing drones and echoes that float under drum patterns and multi-tracked vocal hooks. The ambient synth he produced on the song has inspired a remix from Na-Ku, less than 9 months after the release of the original track.

Na-Ku’s infuses his bad boy personality to his rendition of “Love Like This” and it results in a song that can paradoxically feel agitated and sedate in the same moment. Singing “You Got My Mumu Button and e Dey on Lock/ You Got My Mumu Button and I Guess I’m Fucked”, over the ambient synth instrumentals and rattling sample, he expresses his fear, digging for emotional clarity in the midst of an ambiguous relationship.

You can stream Na-Tu’s “Love Like This (Remix)” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/nakunvrs
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