Listen to L.A.X’s new single, “Body”

A vulnerable follow up to the boastful and pseudo-romantic "Sign Si"

Despite his reputation for making dance-club serving songs, L.A.X recognizes the importance of channelling emotions that makes songs relatable to all audiences. He just released a new single, “Body”, a vulnerable follow up to the boastful and pseudo-romantic “Sign Si”¬†debut for 2019.

Over the catchy beat QueBeats produces mixing horn samples, percussion, guitar harmonies, rattling samples and catchy drum riffs, L.A.X sings lines like “My body is telling me that I need your body/ And if it ain’t you, I want nobody/ Girl it be you to chop my money”, hinting at the sweetly romantic theme of the song. But with his loose songwriting style, incorporating Yoruba lyrics and pathos melodies, “Body” could as well be a song about the pitfalls of unrequited love.

You can stream L.A.X’s “Body” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/izzlax
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