Listen To “Hurting” Oma Mahmud’s Ode To A Lost Friend

RIP Yayo

Pain, like other emotions, has been a well of inspiration for different artists. Frida Kahlo’s paintings often depicted her suffering on canvas in stark, disturbing and even bloody images. Amy Winehouse’s music and Ernest Hemingway’s literature both came from a place of personal suffering and torture. After experiencing the loss of a loved one, Oma Mahmud has gone down this worn path to create “Hurting” in collaboration with Fuego Senoras‘ DJ Yin.

On “Hurting”, Oma describes the motions of dealing with the heartache that comes with losing one close to him. He sings about how the pain never really goes even after a long while and the hurt still remains while he remains hopeful about better days. On a striking note, IAMBEATZ’s drum-heavy production is decidedly upbeat which stands out against the sober lyrics. Perhaps, it was an intentional twist hinting at man’s ability to still create happiness from a place of sorrow.

Listen to “Hurting” below

Featured Image Credit: Omamahmud/Instagram

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