Listen to Earl Doe flex on haters on “Kanaku”

You can almost see the gangster rap themed music video

As Afropop continues to morph in tune with the popular music of the time, it’s not surprising that the self-assured mood of hip-hop is mirrored in Nigerian pop songs. Earl Jon Doe’s new single, “Kanaku”, advocates for braggadocios Afropop songs, especially when they’re haters watching. Though he provides the groovy melodies that keep listeners focused on the groove, he makes sure to give haters a show off to spite them.

Singing “I Hear You Talking on the Low/Awon Asthma, They Don’t Really Want the Smoke”, you can almost see the gangster rap themed music video. But the laid back beat he produces, layering bouncy 808 riffs, rattling samples and horns over a pulsing bed of synth harmonies and his catchy melody guarantees “Kanaku” a spot of DJ sets.

You can stream Earl Jon Doe’s “Kanaku” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/earljondoe

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