Listen To Ditweni’s Ode To His Mom And Her High Standards On “Mama Got No Chill”

Mothers are hard to please but that's a good thing

All the dedicated Mother’s Day in a calendar year will never be enough to appreciate what mothers do for us. We literally won’t exist without them and as if that’s not enough, they look out for us and do their best to protect us from harm—physical or emotional. Some methods darker than others, Ditweni’s mom is no exception and his new single, “Mama Got No Chill” is his ironic way of saying thanks.

Like most upcoming rappers with music producing skill, Ditweni usually can do without any external assistance on his songs. No one got credit for the production of “Mama Got No Chill” which suggests he produced the Blues-Hop-hop fusion himself. Inserting horns, negro spiritual melodies and brilliant beat samples, Ditweni makes good of the beat all without mucking up the heart in the middle of his lyrics. He uses his experience with his mom and past love interests to describe how his mom’s high standards have rescued him from settling for the wrong one.

Ditweni sings the catchy hook for “Mama Got No Chill” with the same dedication that brings to mind Kanye’s “Hey Mama”. Whether this means we can expect a classic album from Ditweni in the near future is yet to be confirmed but “Mama Got No Chill” has caught our attention.

Listen to “Mama Got No Chill” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ditweni

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