Listen to Deena Ade’s “Mati Lo” featuring Dami Oniru

A captivating and powerful neo-soul ballad

Deena Ade’s voice has an echoing quality that makes her voice sound like it’s being carried over the air from far away, as though she’s singing at an observational distance from her subjects. On her latest single, though, the singer-songwriter drops herself deep into the emotional grit of her lyrics for a captivating and powerful neo-soul ballad, “Mati Lo”, featuring Dami Oniru.

Though the synth-heavy production on “Mati Lo” is primed to heighten Deena’s enchanting vocals, the desperation in her lyrics cut through the foggy beat as she pleads for more time with her lover. Singing “Baby Mati Lo/ I Think I Need More of Your Love”, the lyrics are tame placed next to Deena Ade’s sex-positive discography. But her vocal cadence, expressing her longing as she moans her words, hints at her sensual intentions. Dami Oniru takes the closing verse with her distinct but similarly enchanting voice, promising her eternal affection for a lover.

“Mati Lo” is expected to feature on a Deena’s May Love Find You’ project which will be released sometime in the near future.

You can stream “Mati Lo” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/deenaade
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