Daramola turns romance into R&B bliss for new single, “Heartbreak Please”

A mix of charm and reassuring lyrics

Daramola’s “Heartbreak Please” is about setting up cliches and pulling out the rug from beneath them. Despite his poignant auto-tune embellished vocals and the heavy tale of heartbreak he spins with it, upbeat electronic harmonies underpin the elated devotion of his lyrics; “I Can Take The Pain Away”. Over the EDM fueled skittering drums and chest-shaking basslines, he uses the trauma of failed past relationship as a tool for sweet talking a love interest. But with his charming voice and reassuring lyrics, “Loving You is Diamond and You’re So Hard To Find/ You Deserve All “, the counter-intuitive logic is rather convincing.

Listen to Daramola’s “Heartbreak Please” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/itsdaramola

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You are meeting Debola at a strange time in his life. He wandered into a dream and lost his way back. Tweet at him @debola_abimbolu

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