Lemon Curd 4 is where it’s happening this Sunday

Gates open at 1 pm

Tomi Akin’s “Lemon Curd” concert is reputed as one of the markers of the tangible growth in Nigeria’s music industry where festivals and concerts happen more regularly than ever before. But with that being said, Lemon Curd isn’t your average run of the mill jam fest where some of your favourite artists show up for karaoke night type performances. The show is seemingly curated to serve Gen-Z millenials who tend to have short attention spans and thus, offers a variety of things to indulge in, musically or otherwise.

The importance of providing a platform to spotlight up and coming talents has never been lost on the show since it debuted in 2016, featuring artists like Santi, Odunsi, Lady Donli, Prettyboy D-O, Wavythecreator and others on the big stage before their recent growth to acclaim. But with global conversations about new artists discovery from Nigeria becoming more pronounced, it’s perhaps more rewarding now with artists like Buju, Veen, Merry Lynn, Loti, Gigi Atlantis and Mojo expected to make their Lemon Curd debuts at the Muri Okunola venue of Lemon Curd 4 this Saturday.

Festivals like Lemon Curd are the perfect analogy for how consumers interact with music in 2019. Our relationship with the industry is more fragmented and there are more pipelines for consumption than ever before thanks to the access social media and streaming provides. We discover new artists and music through the internet where distractions abound and Lemon Curd doesn’t spare any expense with the extra-musical entertainment featuring a setlist of sports tournaments, food stands, Tarot card reading, cook-offs and the chance to get acquainted with forward-thinking organizations such as “We Will Not Be Silent”, “Man Up Initiative” and “Inspire Lagos” who have worked on publicising and raising sexual assault awareness as well as youth empowerment. The offline interaction with artists and other influential players in the Nigerian media space serves as social currency that exceeds the 3,500 gate fee.

You don’t want to be told how great an experience this was so don’t miss it. Get tickets here.

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