Lady Donli is all about millennial ennui for the “Kashe Ni” Video

Lady Donli embraces androgyny and vibes with the crew

Singer Lady Donli has spent the better part of her musical career trying to distill the essence of being a young, non-conformist woman in a culture that is simultaneously progressive and incredibly restrictive as regards women. This was the main thrust of her EP ‘Wallflower’ with the questioning “Alice“. Since getting all of that off her chest, she has mellowed somewhat, expanding her oeuvre to include themes that all young Nigerian millennials, at home and in the diaspora can find resonance with. This new era has blessed us with songs like Ice-cream and Kashe Ni” which is finally getting the video treatment.

Kashe Ni” (which is Hausa for Kill me) was produced by TOBAY of 80 Sounds, is part epistolary and part love song, revolving around the song’s protagonists struggle with conformity and self image and an expressive documentation of the first throes of love with an unnamed lover. and the video was shot in an abandoned fuel station in White City London by emerging director FP. This is Donli’s first official music video and it will be followed by the video of “Ice Cream” in a couple weeks.

With cameos from some of Donli’s creative circle in London including blogger Uzzzoma who plays her tentative love interest, Fasina and Dj Femo, Donli sets the tone for her visual image, embracing androgyny in a loose red pantsuit and white sneakers. The video only slightly teases a male love interest in the first scene then abandons the thread for shot of Donli with her crew, vibing. They mill around in abandoned spaces, present but listless, channelling the ennui of the overstimulated millennial. It is pretty interesting stuff.

Check out the video and BTS shots below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Lady Donli

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