Listen to Somadina’s “Lay Low” featuring Orinayo

Reminding listeners of the raw power singers can exert

Last year, Somadina released her debut single, “Ihy”, where she crystallized a breakup into glistening pop-R&B. Her latest single, “Lay Low”, continues to establishing her signature laidback vocals and fascination with channeling heartbreak for relatable pop songs.

“Lay Low” emerges from her contemplation of a past relationship, and the lyrics reflect it: “I Played My Heart For You Like a Bloody Symphony/ If You Weren’t Feeling Me Or My Energy/ Why Did You Say/ We Should Lay (Low)/ Girl Be Care(Ful)”. But the most potent tool in Somadina’s arsenal is her voice, with which seems more interested in the expressiveness of vocal melody than in lyrical details; her words are sometimes lost in densely layered vocals that suggest a choir calling from another plane. One of the song’s most memorable moments stems from her iterate “Lay Low” hook, repeating the phrase till it loses its form in her piercingly high note. It’s an emotional moment, but also a physical one that reminds listeners of the raw power singers can exert. Orinayo Ojo also contributes a verse, playing the role of her ex-lover who is also clueless to why their relationship didn’t work out.

You can stream “Lay Low” by Somadina and Orinayo Ojo below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/s0madina