Kyrian Asher’s “Land of a thousand spires” is a requiem for fear

Talent cannot be denied

Abuja based rapper, producer and graphic artist Kyrian Asher is easily one of the brightest talents of the ‘ New Age’. With a vision that is inspired by multi-genre and multi-disciplinary interests, . Asher’s 2016 EP No Place For Wild Dogs V.2 was a curious project whose influences and inspirations ranged from Middle Age art and architecture to Daft Punk, with a style and delivery that sounds nothing like anything else any young Nigerian rapper in the 010’s. Since then, Kyrian Asher has spent his time producing for other artists (he was part of the producing team for Lindsey Abudei’s stellar debut album) and streamline his unique vision for what we can only call Baroque rap.

His new single “Land Of A Thousand Spires” will instantly remind you of peak Kanye with its manipulation of vocal chants, autotuned and arranged into a simple melody. Asher literally oozes confidence as he guides us through his journey in rap, weaving a narrative through era specific metaphors like mosh pits, a hallmark of the alt-metal movement of the early 2000’s and allusory lines from iconic songs by other rappers and singers. Added to punchlines that reference classic Greek mythology and contemporary literature, there are reams and reams of references to unpack, a proper synesthetic experience for the so inclined.

But ultimately his message is simple, Kyrian Asher has come through a lot, and conquered fear on his way to becoming the artist he is now. “The Land of a Thousand Spires” is a spool of thread through the maze, to show us the way to get to where he is.

Listen to “The Land Of A Thousand Spires” here.

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