Kweku Collins talks jet-setting and change on “International Business Trip”

The multitalented artist unveils the first taste of his upcoming 'Grey' EP.

Two years ago, American-born Ghanian rapper Kweku Collins, was a high-schooler undecided about pursuing music or going to college. But by the end of 2016, the 18 year old had put out a full-length project, headlined a couple of shows in his native Chicago hometown and set out on an European tour. Fittingly, the first single off his forthcoming Grey EP is reflective as Kweku recalls where he has been and where he is going to

Over the slightly off-beat drums and glistening guitar riffs on “International Business Trip”, he recounts how success has taken him across borders, without humble-bragging in a Drake-like manner about how disorienting jet-setting has become. The offbeat instrumentation is a chopped and slopped mix that mimics the hazy sleepiness that comes with a jetlag.

Overall,“International Business Trip” plays like the mood you’d be in on your way home from the airport after seeing the world and experiencing new things. It is reflective of the subtle moments that reveal how much we and the world around us has changed.

Listen to Kweku Collins on “International Business Trip” below

Featured Image Credit: KwekuCollins/Instagram

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