Kiss Daniel’s “Sofa” Video Defies Our 3 Dimensional Reality

First official video for the year

Unless you’re trying to find out what it’s like to be inside a strip club, music videos are the least reliable broadcast medium for educative entertainment. And even that is exaggerated to false representation that money falls in slow motion and the girl of your dreams has eyes for you and only you. While it might work for dancehall aesthetic, it is ruining our expectations and I’m not talking about just the muses. We doubt Kiss Daniel was trying to ruin anyone’s weekend with his new released video for “Sofa” but here are 3 things from the Clarence Peters directed video that won’t happen in any club you go this weekend.

Hot Girls In Uniform

All the hashtags in the world will never be enough to get all the girls in the club to wear the same cloth or even the same hairdo. Pardon the cliche but everyone knows there will be that one drama queen that thinks black makes her look too slim. Shots of the barely dressed models lying in bed with Kiss Daniel looks like the cover of an R. Kelly album but even R. Kelly can’t get go to the club unannounced and hope to meet girls in matching outfits.

Geometric Illusions

If you ignore the terrible font at the beginning of Kiss Daniel’s “Sofa”, the video looks decent and almost original. The set design has a Penrose type illusion that allows Kiss Daniel look like he walks on walls and sits comfortably on the ceilings. But that’s not going to happen anywhere. At least not unless your drinks get spiked (or the loud gets too loud) and that’s probably not a good thing.

There’s No Other Guy In The Club

Yeah right. That’s about as likely as Jonathan winning another presidential election in Nigeria.

Enjoy Kiss Daniel’s video for “Sofa” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/G-Worldwide TV

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