Juls Taps Tiggs Da Author & Santi For New Single, “Maayaa”

a neo-highlife bop

“Maayaa”, the first single of the year from British-Ghanaian producer, Juls, continues down the producer’s well-known nous for crafting Highlife-based, exquisite composition. Mixing sumptuous guitar riffs and bulbous, lightweight percussions, Juls creates a soundscape that is both ambient and groovy, complementing the romance-inclined expressions by Santi and British-Tanzanian artist, Tiggs Da Author.

“Give me love make me surrender/feel like I’ve been waiting forever”, Tiggs sings charmingly on the hook, letting the rustic texture of his voice relay his passionate performance. Santi contributes a hypnotic verse, expressing similar sentiments of admiration. “Maayaa” is the umpteenth example of Juls’ unprecedented ability at pairing artists over Neo-Highlife sonics while catering to the specificity of their sensibilities.

You can listen to Juls’ “Maayaa” below.