Jägermeister and Santa Cruz Skateboards Launch Limited Edition Decks and Apparel

"We want to inspire both fashion and skate enthusiasts alike."

Premium herbal liqueur brand Jägermeister, is partnering with iconic US label Santa Cruz, to launch a limited three-piece skateboard and fashion capsule collection. The centrepiece of the collaboration is the re-issue of the “Kendall Deck,” a 1990s-designed cult skateboard which Jeff Kendall, CEO of Santa Cruz and legendary American skateboarder, designed out of love for Jägermeister.

“With these limited-edition pieces, we want to inspire both fashion and skate enthusiasts alike,” says Sven Schindler, Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing at Mast-Jägermeister SE. 

Following the launch of the limited-edition pieces, Jägermeister is extending its campaign to skateboarding communities in other countries, including Nigeria. The brand is making plans to celebrate the youthful defiance and authenticity of the skateboarding community through branded merchandise and a skateboarding competition where top local skaters can showcase their skills. Winners of the competition stand a chance to win the exclusive skateboard and fashion pieces, amongst other prizes.

“Freedom, authenticity, tradition – and a dash of rebellion. Those are the values that unite our brands and skateboarding,” says Jeff Kendall, CEO Santa Cruz Skateboards. Originally one of Santa Cruz Skateboards’ most successful designs, the nostalgic retro design of the Kendall Deck board features Jägermeister’s symbolic deer.

The new limited pieces collection will be available starting from June 20, 2024, in selected Jägermeister online shops and directly at Santa Cruz.

Underlining both brands’ commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering a spirit of bold creativity and authenticity, the Jägermeister x Santa Cruz partnership is showcasing pieces that not only honour the past, but also inspire future generations of skaters and fashion enthusiasts.