The Isomers’ “I No Get” is a demand for love in spite of the recession

The quartet's 1st from a 4 track EP

Words By Fisayo Okare

Loving imperfections is easier said than done, but the hankering for a lover who will do this is what has inspired Isomer’s “I No Get”. On “I No Get”, Isomer presents love as accepting though not entirely blind from flaws.

The story is told through the eyes of a man, who is trying to prove himself as a worthy lover. He hides his true emotions behind a sense of humour that is decidedly quirky as he chants “I still eat akara, no fancy shoes, I pick my nose, rumpled clothes, that’s how it goes.” However, he believes she can accept him through his “hustle days” because he isn’t lacking where it counts. He goofs around about all he doesn’t have but the goal is to show that he’s honest about being in love.

The Isomers band have a laid-back delivery on “I No Get” making the song play like an Indie-folk song with plucky acoustic guitar crisscrossed with light clap-rhythm gong beats and vocal harmonies. The lead singer strings together witty expressions on “I No Get” down playing the somber mood of the instruments. It is a free release from the quartet’s 2nd EP, tagged The Valentine.

The EP is intended to narrate the different emotional love story of each of the band member and judging by “I No Get”, the individuality of each member would be expressed on each track.

Listen to “I No Get” below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/theisomersmusic

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