Interview: How Jamaal Milbry’s TruTrader Is Making Forex Trading More Accesible For Young Nigerians

a chance at financial freedom right at our fingertips.

It’s no secret that young Nigerians are in a capital deficit. Our economy has been declining all our lives, with the worst economic regression of this century hitting our young adult years. Finding a well-paying job in this climate is nearly impossible, and even if one manages to secure the golden ticket, the naira you take home at the end of every month is worth less and less each month due to our currency’s volatile decline.

The country is in its worst economic period, and young Nigerians are looking for a way out. For some, it’s to Japa; for others, it’s diversifying their income, and still, there are those of us with our eyes on earning the all-too-important forex. That’s what this new fin-tech, TruTrader Fx, is offering young Nigerians battling our declining economy – a chance at financial freedom right at our fingertips.


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Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies based on the exchange rate at particular points in time. The Foreign Exchange Market enables traders to make money from the fluctuations in the market, investing in countries’ economies when they are on the rise, and when they’re in decline, selling against them.

Thanks to mobile technologies, forex trading is incredibly accessible and can fit around any schedule, as the markets are open throughout the day. With, no doubt, thousands of sites where you can trade, all you need is the proper education, knowledge and research, and you can grow your finances. A crucial piece to this puzzle, however, is capital. As with everything on this green earth, the more money you put in, the more you can get out.

That’s where TruTrader Fx comes in. Founded by Jamaal Terrance Milbry, truTraderFx is a Forex Proprietary Trading, commonly known as a “Prop Firm”. Dubbed “the Netflix of forex, truTraderFx is an instant funding forex trading platform for traders worldwide,” using a subscription model, where traders pay a monthly fee for the service – who also split a percentage of the profit you make.


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Whilst truTraderFx does not encourage you to gamble with the market or to trade for the lifestyle; the platform does provide users with the capital to make informed trading decisions and earn financial freedom through this alternative means of income. Democratising trading so that even people with lower incomes can trade with tangible capital, truTraderFx and its founder Jamaal Milbry believe in empowering people with the knowledge they need to be good traders and the capital they need to yield strong returns; “The only reason why people don’t trade is that they don’t know,” Milbry says. With an academy of students from over 15 different countries (the majority of which are from here in Nigeria), Milbry teaches the tricks of the trade – offering free zoom calls, alerting his audience to changes in the market, and advising them when to buy and when to sell.

With truTraderFx fresh into the Nigerian market, flying off the ground in October this year, it is time to get to know. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, world economies are still recovering from the effects of the widespread virus, with many countries still in crisis mode. As we all scramble for additional income to bolster our financial security, truTraderFx is here as a solution that capitalises on the volatility of world economies in this period and monetises the politics and global news updates we typically see as nothing but discouraging. With forex trading, we can flip our circumstances into opportunities with the proper learning and platform.

By far the largest market in the world, open 24 hours a day and accessible on your mobile device, forex trading is available to everyone to make money. It’s the answer young Nigerians need, and all you need to do is learn; with truTraderFx, the capital is just waiting for you to invest.

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