The Internet Is Going Nuts Over #KeepTheChangeBae

A tale of a date gone wrong and a bullet dodged

The internet obsesses over a new paramour every other week. Over the last couple months, Turkish meat chef, ‘Salt Bae’, American female arsonist, ‘Prison Bae’ and the infamously broken-hearted ‘Hurt Bae’ have served as premium entertainment for the internet. Now, Nigeria has one of such of its own Bae(s) in a story of a date gone wrong, a self-entitled prick and an ultimate clapback that has spawned a trending topic.

Twitter user, @PabloAyodeji became the butt of memes and internet jokes after a thread of rant tweets he made about a date with a ‘#brokeasshungrybitch’ backfired. According to his account of events, his date’s greatest sin was showing up to enjoy a movie, hotdog and yoghurt with no intentions of getting into a relationship with him.


But the said date, Ore (@Missmoshiku) surfaced online after seeing Ayodeji’s tweet with a clapback of the date’s expense breakdown, attaching a screenshot of a refund in excess and imploring him to keep the change.

I won’t go into an angry rant about the male sense of entitlement, but for those that don’t know, Ayodeji’s post-date twitter thread is why women invented the concept of ‘vex money’, a loose fund usually kept in case your date is an immature fucker who thinks a meal and a drink is a hall pass to be an idiot. As it is, Ayodeji is only 18 years old and it’s quite appalling to see how deeply ingrained his misogynistic beliefs already are.

The real hero of the day however is our new #KeepTheChangeBae who Rubbing Minds host, Ebuka, has also aliased #RefundBae.

Call it silly but Ore is already in my book as a feminist icon. Women have secretly kept their vex monies tucked in their purses in the past, hoping the date doesn’t go south. If anything, her experience proves intuition is never wrong and men really are scum.

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