Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz team up for a new single, “Control Number”

The festive Christmas season has already started working its magic

As we edge ever so close to the final moments of the year, the festive, Christmas season is beginning to work its magic in the mind of everyone. The louder music and the colorful night light are part of the more obvious signs of the times. But if you pay enough attention, other signs like “Control Number”, Ice Prince’s latest single featuring Jesse Jagz, are indicators of the festivity in the air.

“Control Number” is a celebration, a testament to the fact that in spite of all the bad things that have happened this year, we can always find something to be thankful for. The beat Kel P produces, mixing piano harmonies, cascading synths, horns, traditional drums and 808 drums creates a reflective ambiance that captures both glorious and somber sentiments like a snapshot of happiness, anxiety, and optimism. Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz however perform a boastful set, with Ice Prince singing “Thank God For The Weekend/ I’m Gonna Control Numbers/ I Get Shayo, And All the Girls Know We Control Numbers” for the catchy hook. Jesse Jagz also contributes a rap verse bragging about his success with the swagger of an king pin.

You can stream Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz’s “Control Number” here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/iceprincezamani
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