Hot Takes: Nigerian Idol, Euro 2020 & A Pyer Moss Summer

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Summer has arrived. This year, with the ongoing circulation of the COVID-19 vaccines, there are tell-all signs that life is returning to normal or a semblance of it. Although masks are still very much in at the moment, their use isn’t as regulated as it once was.

This cancer season has been a whirlwind time for many people. There’s an almost unspoken realisation that we’re edging closer towards the crunch time of our adult lives. For me, it’s been such a reality check with all my responsibilities hitting me at the same exact moment. Having to complete school, complete NYSC, get a good-paying job, start a family and do this all before you turn 30 is insane. Moreover, I, for one, can’t stand this pressure and won’t be participating any further.

Result season for the graduating Nigerian Law School students is finally upon us and I’m feeling a thousand emotions all at once. Mixed reactions have trailed these results as many either celebrate their achievements1q or are dissatisfied and disappointed with the final outcome. At this juncture, all I can say is congratulations to those who have excelled regardless of the end result and for those who haven’t- it is not the end of the world, and perseverance and hope will get you through it all.

What I’m currently listening to

I am a very nostalgic music listener. I enjoy new music but I’m a huge sucker for old hits or albums. When I mean old I don’t only mean 90’s or early 2000’s, I also mean music from just a few years ago. Sometimes the old stuff is better than the sound we listen to now. This week, I’ve been replaying a lot of SAint Jhn, Kanye West, Roy Woods and Chris Brown, and Wizkid for the oldies but for the new music, I’m on “Sere” remix with 6black and “Drown” by WurlD.

What I’m currently watching

I’m a sucker for reality TV shows, sitcoms and true crimes. ‘Too Hot To Handle’ has been a favourite of mine since its first season aired last year. This season, however, is a lot more thrilling than the last and filled with more surprises and twists than any other reality dating show at the moment. I became a Melinda fan from just the first few episodes. You’ll understand once you get into the season too.

‘Modern Family’ is currently my constant watch. I find it funny and timeless. I don’t think it’s for everyone cause I believe everyone has a different sense of humour but I love it! Also, I’m very big on true crime stories and a personal favourite is Youtuber, Kendall Rae who takes viewers through not only the whole story but the mindset and reasoning behind the crimes.

Summer style trends I’m loving

As the NATIVE’s first-ever in-house Creative Assistant, it’s my job to stay on pulse with the latest fashion trends around Africa and the world at large. This summer, so many trends are making their way into the mainstream and many others are going out of style. I’ve compiled a few highlights I’m currently loving or hating at the moment.

Crocs: The revolution of crocs will be televised. Over the past year or so, crocs have made their way back into the mainstream, particularly here in Nigeria, where new partnerships are emerging every other day. It’s definitely a staple pair for your wardrobe and as Nicki Minaj famously said, “If it’s a calm flex, then I bring the crocs out.”

Sunglasses: Orange tinted sunnies are the new black. It’s unbelievable how well these glasses suit everyone, and I really do mean everyone. Get a pair and trust me you’ll be glad you did

Mini bags: Almost every brand has its own variation of the mini baguette bags. I have to admit even I’ve caught the mini bag bug now. Everyone has one now so get into the spirit and get yourself one too. The go-to is a Jacquemus mini.


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Kingdom wins Nigerian Idols

On Sunday, the grand finale of the current season of Nigerian Idols took place. After several weeks of battling it out in front of the fierce panel of judges, a winner has emerged victorious and it’s none other than the contestant with a voice of gold. Kingdom Krosiede has been crowned as the Season 6 winner. He is to be awarded a cash prize of 30 million Naira, a car, an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai and Seychelles, 3 music videos, and a 6 track EP recording deal.

The competition this year was definitely tough but Kingdom managed to hold his own with his melodic and wholesome vocals. The finale night was a star-studded affair with performances from Patoranking, Ice Prince, Ayra Starr and many more. Congratulations Kingdom! Continue to soar to greater heights.


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Euro 2020: I Guess It’s Coming Rome?

Over the past weekend, social media timelines have been replete with reminders that it’s coming home–to the England team. Excitement was rife and bets were placed on this premonition. However, last Sunday’s game left a bitter taste in many mouths across the UK. After tying 2-2 in the second half of the match, the win was left to be decided by a penalty round which saw Italy scoring the winning goal.

Consequently, as a result of Italy’s win and the crushing defeat to England, many football fans in the UK sent several racist and harmful comments to the England squad, particularly the Three Lions. 19-year-old Bukayo Saka, the winger and attacker for the Three Lions seems to have come under the most heat as he missed his penalty shot. Other team members currently under attack are Marcus Rashford MBE, and Jadon Sancho who almost missed out at the penalty stage.

The callous comments received are further examples of how society fails Black people, especially those with a platform. We are given no room to make mistakes, and when we do, we are piled on endlessly by racist people from far and wide. It’s very disappointing to witness this yet again. It serves as a reminder that the UK is not exempt from working to root out the systemic forms of oppression.


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Pyer Moss Couture Collection Debut

Last Thursday 8th July, Kerby Jean-Raymond, the creative director of Pyer Moss became the first-ever Black fashion label to be aprroved or invited on the Haute Couture calendar. Launched back in 2013, the brand is known for its riveting documentation of Black American culture on the runways and its deftly woven political commentary with fashion.

However, due to Hurricane Elsa, the show was postponed until Saturday 10th July. For his debut at this high-fashion event, Kerby paid homage to Black inventors through the ages. The pieces highlighted the experiences and inventions that will be familiar to most Black Americans.

The show began with a stunning Bottle cap piece, followed by a mop-inspired piece and then a phone, and a refrigerator. Each piece was more quirky and campy than the last, all inspired by inventions that define our everyday lives. He rounded up the show with a defining message about Black trauma. While the collection certainly made an unforgettable statement, it also has to be said how impractical and unwearable most of the pieces are. I’m not sure how soon we’ll be seeing these adapted into everyday fashion but lovely presentation.


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BIA vs. Burna Boy

‘Odogwu, you bad oh, e fi le fun Burna’

Burna Boy is one artist who certainly lives up to his larger-than-life lyrics. Over the weekend, the Grammy-award-winning artist sent out cryptic tweets about his achievements and the feats he’d made in the industry. The source of his vex: A 5-minute clip from Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Live with fellow American rapper, BIA.

In the clip, BIA admitted that she had no idea how Burna Boy, Wizkid and Davido’s face looked like, which caused quite the stir on social media. The matter was aggravated by a follow-up tweet from Burna Boy who claimed that the rapper had been in his DMs since 2018.

The Internet is an unforgiving place and sure enough, hours later, screenshots surfaced of BIA commenting on Burna Boy’s Instagram post from the year in question. However, BIA wasn’t too pleased about this as she questioned why the Grammy-award-winning singer even cared that she didn’t know his face. She’s got a point. Surely, it shouldn’t matter if your core fan base knows you and rock with your songs. I think this whole interaction was unnecessary. They’re both good artists in their own rights.

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