Hingees is the Nigerian answer to lifestyle based minimalism

Style, meets art, meets value

There are two distinct schools of thought  when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Maximalism which believes and aggressively preaches the gospel of ‘more’. More colour, more layers, more bling. Maximalism is what we have to thank for the hip-hop culture that our Nigerian rappers and popstars emulate, for the extravagant sneakers that we save all that money to buy. But Maximalism can also create a sort of fatigue, because it asks that we remain visible all the time, always in competition to make ourselves the biggest, brightest bauble in the room. Some of us have rejected this commitment to extra and gone in the opposite direction, embracing the gospel of minimalism. This commitment to understated excellence the is motivation behind Hammed Okunade’s Hingees.

The idea behind Hingees is simple; create a lifestyle brand that’s passionate about designing simple and functional products. Simple and functional products are the very foundation on which lifestyle brands and built and Okunade’s background in design has helped him greatly in his quest for simplicity. But Okunade is also motivated by the idea of community. Unlike other brands, Hingees believes strongly in communication, sharing and community and Okunade has structured his brand in such a way, people who buy into the brand are encouraged to share their experiences, document the things they experience and share. A community of storytellers (designers, artists, writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, doers, magic makers and everything in-between) has grown around Hingees, and this, more than the minimalism or the interesting clothing is what makes it so intriguing.

Hingees has grown from a small T-shirts line, distinct for its fun fonts and empowering legends, into a an apparel (T-shirts and Sweatshirts), Accessories (Leather bracelets, notepads, and Tote bags) Prints (Wall posters) label. The general idea behind the brand as it grows, is it that it provides a minimalist alternative to the staples of a person’s life, a distinct brand that can be instantly recognized by other Hingees adherents, a constant talking point and conversation starter.

They just launched their newest collection, and I am certainly into those little note pads. What are you into?