Watch all the teams that slugged it out at this year’s Hennessy Cypher

featuring, The Alumni Frat Boiz, the Unstoppable Rebels and Femme Fatale

Every year the Hennessy Cypher showcases emerging rap and hip-hop artists—allowing them to boast their talents and media reach through their performance. The quality differs from year to year and from group to group and while this year’s cypher had a certain diversity, the skill and entertainment cards appear neglected with the short time given for so many rappers.

This year’s cypher lineup features three crews; The Alumni Frat Boiz crew consisting of Eclipse, Vemor, Blaq Bonez, Holyfield and Mr Markn, the Unstoppable Rebels crew of Yung6ix, Stage1ne, Payper, Wale Turner and Tegagat. Last but not least, Muna, Phlow, AT, Thelma and Waye’s Femme Fatale crew.

Eclipse begins the Cypher introducing the VS alumni class before Lord Vemor gets the rap session started. He switches from rapping to singing over the bouncy beat but his lyrics were pedestal at best. The bars doesn’t get raised any higher by Holyfield but Blaq Bones steps up with his pop culture references that steals the show before Mr Markn and Eclipse even get a chance to perform.

The Femme Fatale crew put on quite the show through their lyrics and—at the risk of coming off as a bit sexiest—their outfits. Phlow goes first and impresses with savage wordplay that shows her off as much as mock her doubters. Wavey’s rough vocals complemented by her emo attire make up for her lackluster verse. And while AT’s flow outshine her lyrics, Thelma’s humorious bars and Muna’s hungry narrative ensure that the Femme Fetale team delivers a worthy performance to rival the other crews.

The Unstoppable Rebels could easily be judged as the best with Wale Turner and Yung6ix’s popularity but their performance leaves a lot to be desired particularly from Yung6ix. Stage1ne goes first apparently choosing to freestyle with his repetitive flows and awful lyrics. He addresses “Old Rappers”(Yung6ix?) but his mellow lyrics are hardly threatening. Wale Turner’s indigenous blend of rap is instantly lovable especially when he references Speed Darlington and the crew members are hyped. Payper’s lines are really good too and deserves better team mates than Tegagat but perhaps the point was to mix things up. Yung6ix’s verse is last and if you were expecting him to “kill the beat” you’ll be disappointed.

Watch the Unstoppable Rebel cypher below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Hennessy

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