Hear Hamzaa’s sophomore single, “You”

Third in a trilogy of songs about an ex-lover

Hamzaa’s latest single “You” is a follow up to her debut “Stranded Love”, and it weaves a similar theme of love. The new track was first heard on “Chance”, her collaboration with New Machine. Unlike “Stranded Love”,  Hamzaa replaces her perceived dominance in her relationship with resignation on “You”.

Singing over acoustic guitars, Hamzaa reflects on the beginnings of her relationship with an unidentified lover; “They say that you’re no good but you’re fruit to me”, acknowledging the good times for what they were, regardless of what the voices around her said. The visuals for “You” follows the singer through different familiar spaces in her hometown —the studio, parks and living rooms— reminiscing on the honeymoon phase of the inexorably doomed relationship. In a conversation with NATIVE, the singer  revealed that “You” is going to be the final track on her forthcoming EP. Although a title hasn’t been set and a release date hasn’t been announced, she promises the EP will be out later this year. Watch the video for Hamzaa’s “You” here:

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