Fridays just got better with Omagz’ playlist “229 Friday”

Fridays are for Omagz and "229 Friday"

Put into consideration the crazy number of artists that spring up each day in the music industry, throw in the fact that in this era of ever evolving popular culture, there are more accessible streaming sites for endless selection of new music, then you’ll realize it’s no surprise that a lot of singers and rappers easily get lost in the fold. But with the tactics of consistency and preemptiveness, some artists get to actualize their dreams of making it big and that exactly is what singer Omagz is doing.

After a series of collaborations and his 2016 EP Young Magazine racked up an impressive number of plays on SoundCloud. Omagz took a short hiatus, and returned this year with two singles “Óshó Free” featuring Genio Bambino and “What You Like featuring Wavy the Creator. Where he showed us, he had the prowess to get better and better. And as a reaffirmation to that testament,  Omagz is switching it up a bit by curating a playlist called “229 Friday” . Which he promises would be updated with new releases every Friday, just in time for the weekend. How sway.

To get you through the week, in anticipation for the next. “Motives” the first song on “229 Friday” has officially been released. Featuring Zamir, the track mimics the ocean, falling and rising and falling back into the chorus.  As the artist sings about heart desires “deep down I wanna be loved” . And the result of baring your soul to undeserving people “I never shoulda shown the real me” .  While holding out that his lover, or perhaps anyone would realize his worth.   As he confirms he knows exactly how to please in “I know what you like” .  Amidst the light piano harmonies playing over the drums with a backdrop flourish. So soothing you could almost close your eyes and get carried away in the sonic aesthetics of “Motives” .
Their youthful delivery, complete with relatable lyrics filled with sentiments.  Serve to remind us that great songwriting and youthful energy, are always in fashion.  And for Omagz we can truthfully say, it’s only up from here, no downward spiral.
Listen to “Motives” below

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