Report: Here’s what we know about the fatal attack in Ondo State

Several reports state that armed terrorists opened fire on a church congregation

This year, several grave injustices have taken place across the African continent, throwing into the limelight the sheer disregard for human life that pervades our societies. In Nigeria alone, there have been a number of terrorist attacks across school campuses in the country’s Northern region, leading to the inhumane loss of life of many of the nation’s young people and a widespread lack of accountability from the perpetuators and our inept leaders.

Today, the news coming out of the Owa-luwa Local Government Area of Ondo State continues to highlight the exacerbated lack of security in our country. According to sources, early on Sunday morning, while the St Francis Xavier church congregation gathered for their Sunday service, armed terrorists descended upon the church and opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd leaving several dead and many others fatally injured.

Horrific images of the deceased and the injured have flooded social media timelines, serving as a painful reminder that justice is not enacted until every member of society is safe and free from harm and violence. According to further reports from the Tribune Online, eye witness reports stated that there may be several more recorded casualties as those severely injured were rushed to the hospital with some later pronounced dead on their arrival.

Reports also state that the gunmen made us of dangerous explosives in the church compound which further compounded the attack and injured several more church-goers in Owo. Currently, there have been no official reports from the federal or state government in Ondo State and no reports from the state police command. However, currently there are several calls for blood donors in the Federal Medical Centre in Owo, Ondo State.

This is a developing story and will be updated regularly.

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