Ezi Emela’s stuns with three track EP “Lost Files”

Somebody give this woman her pop crown

We’ve clamoured for Ezi Emela’s pop dominance since the release of her single “Chineke meh”– a song that launched the British Nigerian artist as having her hand constantly on the pulse of her sound, image and sexuality.

Without warning, three tracks of  Ezi’s appeared in all its multimedia glory on SoundCloud. The three songs- which she has compiled into one extended playlist named “Lost Files’, are pleasingly all winners.

Above brittle, syncopated rhythm, quickly articulated verses alternate with smoother choruses, Ezi stays tapped to and in control of the music on all three songs. Produced by Omeiza and GA, “Do or Die”, “Gabriel” and “Nothing in this world” are all soulful stories of love, sadness and resilience.

Nothing in this world” is a three-minute promise to never stop feeling feelings for a lover. A promise, however, she can’t keep from fulfilling since there’s nothing else like them in the world.

Do or Die” however is some kind of ultimatum being issued in the same vein as a promise to stay and fight for the relationship. Guess it could go any of two ways.

Ezi’s interested in how far “Gabriel” is willing to go to win the ultimate prize of her undivided attention and affection.

Listen to all three tracks;