The Black Esper’s new single, “Nile Alhaji”, is a tale of debauchery

Narrating his experience partying with nymphomaniacs

Storytelling seems like a forgotten skill in Hip-hop with the recent emphasis on catchy, innovative flow, brags and disses. But Black Esper is among the few young emcees you can always count on to craft his bars through vivid stories that make his songs more compelling. He just put out a new single, “Nile Alhaji”, his first release since dropping his debut project, ‘Rice’, and it narrates his experience partying with nymphomaniacs.

The instrumental Mockingbird produces for “Nile Alhaji” is perfect for Black Esper’s raspy vocals; it’s spacey and generally catchy with its bouncy drum riff. It sets a psychedelic vibe that also fits the intoxicating mood of his tale of debauchery as he switches flow and flaunts his ability to slow down the flow and pick up the pace on a whim. Rapping “On a Sunday, emi Sola ati Femi/With some hot girls, smoking weed nile Alhaji” on the chorus, he sets the scene with a conversational ease that sets him apart from your average rapper. But it’s the topical theme, referencing the trending sensual coconut challenge from twitter without being overly raunchy that makes “Nile Alhaji” so remarkable.

Listen below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/theblackesper
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