Essentials: ‘La Vie’ by Traplanta

Filled with glossy trap bars that are uncompromising and unforgiving

Trap music has finally stepped out from behind the curtains of the strip-clubs to become a mainstream phenomena thanks to the works of artists like Travis Scott and Migos. Traplanta Records is a music collective whose, rhythmic rap songs are so showy, it casts an almost scornful eye. The cutting wordplay, dynamic voice, and mellow trap production of pre-released single, “Own That” featuring Odunsi, set the tone for Traplanta’s sophomore project ‘La Vie’ EP. The collective of rappers, dndSection, KA$H, Folabi Xan and OBA released their 6-track EP, filled with glossy trap bars that are uncompromising and unforgiving with a slight hint of goofiness.

‘La Vie’ opens with “Garments” where dndSection, KA$H and Folabi Xan bask in their collective and unrivalled glamour, bragging about their crew love and sex appeal over the atmospheric beat JZ Production produces. The next track, “Pledge 2 Me” featuring Sodaman, KA$H, ElmoCamo and dndSection gleans an awareness for competition, admitting they “Gotta Stay Prayered Up” over the unassuming beat Master Don produces with layered synth samples.

dndSection, KA$H and Folabi Xan reunite on “Gorillaz”, for the project’s most assured and energetic performance, showing off their keen ear for catchy flow and underlining their individual skill personality; “I”m Used to Being On My Own Because I’m Way To Different”. All three rappers tackle the bouncy beat +gray+ produces with a different approach but remain cohesive as they exchange brags back and forth.

‘La Vie’ however ends on a somber tone. On “Beautiful Shadows” KA$H spells out the newfound paranoia of a rising rap star over a somber piano led beat with scatting hi-hats. Last track, “Fools Gold”, features an impressive verse from OBA who joins dndSection, KA$H and Folabi Xan to speak on their trust issues while still relishing every opportunity to shame their foes.

You can stream ‘La Vie’ below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/traplantaworld
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