Essentials: Layzee Ella’s Sophomore EP, ‘Feel Everything’ Offers A Kaleidoscopic View Of Her World
Essentials: Layzee Ella’s Sophomore EP, ‘Feel Everything’ Offers A Kaleidoscopic View Of Her World

Essentials: Layzee Ella’s Sophomore EP, ‘Feel Everything’ Offers A Kaleidoscopic View Of Her World

A fine collection of love songs

When Layzee Ella was a young girl, she nurtured a colourful imagination that painted her view of the world. In 2020, when the world was reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and life, Layzee Ella put this colourful imagination to the test when she began releasing covers to popular Afropop songs on her social media.

Through making these covers, Layzee Ella garnered a loyal following of her own making. All this led up to the release of her debut single “Sober,” which not only gained her the attention of more listeners, but also solidified the singer’s position in the music space. Since then, Layzee Ella has only doubled down on showcasing her rapid-fire skills.


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Last June, she released her debut EP ‘When The Lights Go Off,’ which featured standout tracks such as “Body On Me” and “Deep Into You.” Since then, Layzee Ella has continued to showcase her star power, landing herself a spot on The NATIVE’s Best New Artists column, uNder. About a month ago, after teasing the release of a new project on her social media, she shared her first official single of the year “Medusa” with 2022 breakout star Khaid which was produced by Nigerian producer, Damie.

Now, Ella is focused on telling more love tales with her sophomore EP ‘Feel Everything,’ a 7-track project which offers a kaleidoscopic view into her world. Layzee Ella begins the tape with her distinct drawl, sailing smoothly over the melodious production on “Rotation.” The uptempo record sees Ella singing sweet and seductive lyrics to her muse as she admits all she’s willing to for their affection.

On the hook she sings “sweet baby girl I’m tryna get to your waist/I’m tryna know what to do to your waist,” mimicking the age-old formula of Afropop love songs. As the EP builds up, Layzee Ella continues to showcase her buttery smooth vocals. On the Damie-produced record “Chemical,” the artist is more relaxed and laid back as she addresses her muse. Over the Afro-dancehall number, she stays on topic with crooning about her romantic intentions while showering her love interest with adoration, gifts and a good time.    

Elsewhere, on the Khaid-assisted record “Medusa,” which arrived ahead of the EP, both artists sing about their respective muses and express exactly how they make them feel. Over the infectious hook, Khaid sings “I thought I want to dey follow water go/I no fit use am,” addressing the hold his lover has over him. This follows through on “Hypnotized,” where Layzee Ella sings about the whirlwind feeling that comes from loving another person. Her vocals are luscious and bright, flowing over the soft production with silk croons and alluring melodies.

On the Majeek-assisted record “Put It On Me,” Layzee infuses elements of reggae into the record as she delivers a sensual romantic number. She pleads with her muse to show her different sides of love. On the standout record, she quips “I feel like you’re wasting a part of life, girl this feeling won’t pass us by/put it on me, girl it’s you, put it on me.” The backup vocals on the track lays a solid and impressive foundation for the record. She rounds up the tape with the record “Who Fell Off,” a mid tempo number which sees the artist hyping up her love interest over the infectious production of the record. On the track, she sings standout lyrics “she step into the building DJ turn the music volume up up, let my shawty buss it down down down.”

In less than a year, Layzee Ella has constructed as she affirms herself through contagious records about love and life with a calm, virtuous presence. Her polyphonic approach to experimental sounds gives her an edge as she is not afraid to step outside of her box. Layzee Ella shows her fans her musical growth in composition and storytelling, as she tackles matters on loving, being loved and romance while constantly drawing from many different spaces. With ‘Feel Everything’ Layzee Ella is truly ready to welcome audiences into her sonic universe.

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