Listen to Eké Miller’s “Directed by Tarantino”

Sometimes life is better when loyalties are tested

Like any decent creative, Eké Miller knows how to use his understanding of pop culture as a muse. His latest single, “Directed by Tarantino” had our attention quicker than you could say “Kill Bill”. Even faster than he could open the guitar-led song saying “This Sound Like a Movie by Tarantino“.

“Directed by Tarantino” finds Eké Miller lamenting his unfaithful partners while swearing he’ll settle the scores through the success of his grind. Rather than dissolving into broken bitterness, the song maintains an optimistic atmosphere through the harmonious guitar licks and his confident sing-rap bars. From narcos trade to police killings and betrayal, Eké Miller touches socio-politics and still makes hip-hop you can do a line to. And why not? Just like any Tarantino movie will show you, life is better when loyalties are tested, revenge extracted and there’s an ever-present tension between humour and violence.

Listen to “directed by Tarantino” here;

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/duke_millz

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