EDM and torch songs collide on Oga Sudo’s ‘Lose You’

Never a better time for a comeback than now

It’s great, no fantastic to see Bankole Oluwole making music again, under his new avatar Oga Sudo. Oluwole was one of the first Nigerians to truly embrace electronica as a genre with his mixtape EP Don’t Tell Mother under his former stage name The Ises. He reworked instrumentals by The XX and Ill Angelo, former producer for the Weeknd  into wholly original songs, including the  striking Set Fire and the subversive Iron Maiden, which gave me one of my favorite lines in Nigerian music.

Slim like a cigarette, dirty like the internet. 

The EP is no longer online, but you can check out Set Fire here and Iron Maiden here. There were a couple of original singles under the The Ises name, before Oluwole took a break to explore other creative channels.

Oga Sudo
Dont Tell Mother’s album art.

But now he’s back as Oga Sudo and fully embracing Alternative Electronica as a Nigerian artist. His comeback single Lose You has all the trapping of a traditional torch song; longing lyrics, throaty melodies and a falsetto run through a vocoder and layered to create a wall of sound but then the EDM breaks shake things up, reminding you that Oga Sudo is here to make heartbreak songs you can dance to. There couldn’t be a more appropriate return single.

Listen to Lose You here.