DJ Woske’s “Rude” scores diversity points featuring Kel, Boogey, Falz and Bayomi

A collection of twerked-up riot verses from all four rappers infusing their personality

Hip-hop’s diverse subject matters ranging from gangster rap to conscious rap, and sub-genres like trap and grime gives the genre a comprehensive scope that fits all tastes. Houston based DJ, DJ Woske features Kel, Boogey, Falz and Bayomi for his latest single, “Rude” and all four take different routes rapping over the hard hitting and uplifting hip-hop beat he produces with pacy drums and sweeping synths.

There’s no tortured introspection or narrative arc or grand thematic sweep on “Rude”. It’s a collection of twerked-up riot verses from all four rappers who infuse so much of their individual charisma that the song listens like a sonic Frankenstein. But seeing as there was no observable topic to tie all the verses together, the song highlights the difference in each rapper’s style and frame.

Listen to “Rude” below

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/djwoske

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