DJ Java taps Falz and OZ for new single, “Tight Jeans”

Afro-house with a dash of rap

DJ Java continues to expand his Afro-House discography with Falz and Oz on “Tight Jeans”

“Tight Jeans” set off on fast-tempo bass guitars, setting the tone for the EDM dance number, before the lyrics begin. Over the beat, Falz performs the song’s chorus and a self-obsessed verse. He raps about being attracted to a woman at a club. To give us some context for why he’s so confident (asides being Falz), he helps us paint the scene describing his outfit saying “Chain On My Neck Looking Like I’m A Jeweler, All White Like Hallelujah”. OZ follows up with an equally self-assured verse, moving the party along.

Listen to DJ Java’s  “Tight Jeans” featuring Falz and OZ here:

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