DJ Consequence and Mayorkun bring “Blow The Whistle”

A particularly eventful evening that begins at a party and ends with a life lesson

Music formats may have changed over the years, but the primary duty of DJs to filter through which music is pushed out to the masses remains. New artists and music in their respective genres are given expose by the DJ’s and though the music and artist often end up being more popular, artist give back by lending their vocals on DJ’s released singles. Since his rise into the mainstream after his YCee assisted single, “In A Benz” DJ Consequence had to live up to the expectation of creating dance pop songs. And his latest offering, “Blow The Whistle” features Mayorkun who is quite accustomed to the groove demands of the dance pop.

Spellz produces the piano led instrumentals for “Blow The Whistle” and infuses layers of synth harmonies and pacy 808 machine drum riff. The beat leans heavily into afro-house territories with the ever rising piano loops over which Mayorkun sings about a particularly eventful evening that begins at a party and ends with a life lesson.

His lyrics swerve wildly between introspective storytelling—“I Go Party/ For Ikoyi”—to aggressive threats—“I Fit Light(Slap) You Like Cigar”. But the song’s pseudo-religious narrative that only God is righteous enough to judge makes his violent remarks intelligently controlled even when he declares that; “Ole Ma Ni Everybody (We Are All Thieves)”. 

In contrast to the title, “Blow The Whistle” encourages listeners to leave God to judge cheats because as Innocent “Tuface” Idibia puts it; “Nobody Holy Pass”. Watch DJ Consequence and Mayorkun’s “Blow The Whistle” video below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/DJ CONSEQUENCE

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