Here are the details of the attacks on peaceful #EndSARS protests in Abuja

Attacks on peaceful protest in Berger, Abuja

All week, peaceful #EndSARS protests in Abuja have been attacked by the police who have been letting loose canisters of teargas and teargas and waterboarding people who are looking for a better and reformed system. Today, the story has changed slightly and there’s another set of violent attackers infiltrated the protests at Berger, Abuja.

Threats from pro-SARS protestors have been looming since Sunday, October 11, when the video above of a young man explaining how he was brutalised by them surfaced. Because of concurrent police attacks in Abuja, many assumed he was referring to the police at the time of the video’s release, however, today these attackers came out in full force,

Earlier on today as the peaceful protestors began their day, they were attacked with sticks, cutlasses, and daggers. Some of the counter-protesters were apprehended by the peaceful protesters, who eventually beat them up and sent the injured off in an ambulance and also surrendered them to the police.

While some are intending to use this as a means to create more division between us, labelling these men as a certain tribe and ascribing their agenda to incite a tribal war, it is important for us to stay focused on the aim, which is to #ENDSARS and hold those in charge accountable for providing Nigerians the safety they deserve as citizens.

There have been warnings that there will be more attacks in Abuja, so please stay safe if you’re out there. If you’re unable to protest, you can donate to help those who were hurt and affected by this attack through the Feminist Coalition, details here:

Find below some footage live from the protests in Abuja:




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