D-O’s new single, “Itty Bitty” is a return to his Peter-Piper form

D-O is at his most charming making music to knock boots to

If “Itty Bitty” listens like “Peter Piper”, it’s cause D-O is returning to the hazy and atmospheric melodies that were missing from his recent singles, “Footwork” and “Chop Elbow”. While the experimental limerick melodies gave “Chop Elbow” some humour and personality, it took away the melodic appeal that makes him most charming.


Though the formula for “Itty Bitty” has been used many times—July Drama’s adjacent-chill-wave production, D-O’s pseudo-romantic lyrics and catchy mid-tempo melodies—the performance is truly endearing. He sings “She Say Baby Take It Easy (I Say)/ She Say Put It Just A Litty Bitty/ She Say Boy You No Go Kill Me Today” in his suggestively subdued vocal. With D-O’s anticipated Everything Pretty project debut still without a release date, “Itty Bitty” adds to the singer’s growing string of crowd-pleasers.

Stream the new single below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/prettyboydo

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