ShowDemCamp is effortlessly cool in this new video

featuring Tomi Thomas

Despite the increasing global appeal for Afropop, Showdemcamp remains one of the few relevant Nigerian hip-hop groups that remind us of Afropop’s humbler bass-leaning origins from the days of Trybesmen and Ruff Rugged and Raw amongst others. Following the release of their second studio project ‘Palm Wine Music 1.0″ and an accompanying video for “Up To You”, Showdemcamp recently took to Instagram to announce a new video. This time for “What You Want”

There are so many music videos of people wilding out or throwing crazy parties while singing about love, but because the whole point of this one is to escape the debauchery, the clip doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to be cool which makes it even cooler.

Directed by King Davies, and featuring Tomi Thomas, “What You Want” is your typical laid back video of friends, actually three friends, hanging out in a deserted park, as the camera alternates between two of them singing in a laid back manner about love.  Their choreography is free of constraint, and when Davies sings “I’ve been told the skies don’t move, girl gimme time, I’ll move it for you”  with Tomi Thomas chorusing in agreement without much ado, you’re being reminded that, it is still possible for nature to bend to will.

“Watch “What You Want” below

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